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Colleen Armour Coaching and Constellations

What are Systemic Constellations


Systemic Constellations are a means of working with energetic systems that have been ingrained in Family and Cultural systems. These mechanisms have often been created during traumatic events and while they served as a survival mechanism they are often carried with us and manifest in destructive behaviors. They have a profound effect on how we communicate and often hide what was deemed to be shameful. 

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About My Approach

Since 2016 I have been working with my clients to help them achieve their optimal wellness through developing a deeper understanding of the habits and behaviors that create blocks to reaching their goals.   As a certified Life Coach and Constellations Facilitator, I aim to create a safe and supportive space for people to look honestly at themselves and create a solid platform to build new and more fulfilling future. This opens us to new perspectives that allow the freedom to pursue and achieve our goals. 


Constellation work has been transformative in my life. It allowed me to see what behaviors were mine and what was my loyalty to a family's way of life. They allowed me to free myself of unhelpful loyalties that had blocked me from reaching my goals

Katrina B

Colleen helped me work through career struggles and allowed me to see where I was sabotaging myself because of unconscious fears that I believed were legitimate. I now have tools to look honestly at where I am making decisions from. I now have a position I never would have thought I could achieve. 

Marcela C

Colleen does a wonderful job of creating a safe place to be vulnerable while still holding me accountable for achieving my goals. Her multi-faceted approach to coaching has been valuable to me personally and professionally, by allowing me to look honestly at my behaviors without judgment. 

Kevin D

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